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2024 Competition Kickoff

Normanhurst Nitro Robotics is thrilled to announce that the 2024 FIRST® Robotics Competition season is now well underway!

This year’s concert themed game, CRESCENDO, sees robots compete to earn points by scoring ring-shaped foam game pieces called ‘Notes’ into three different field elements. Robots can also score points by lifting themselves onto a chain before the end of each match. Matches last 2 minutes and 30 seconds; in the first 15 seconds of each match, the robots must be fully autonomous, after which they are controlled by human players.

Our first competition this year will be the Southern Cross Regional on March 15-17. We have already seen the team’s hard work in the off-season start to pay off, and are excited for what we will achieve by the end of the 2024 competition season! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for our team’s first ever robot reveal, as well as for team updates and results.

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