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The NBHS Off-season Competition begins now!

Normanhurst Nitro has decided to hold an off-season competition within our team. Right now, the students are divided evenly amongst two teams – Team Tech Support and Team Tankers. This competition’s purpose is to introduce the experience of the official FIRST® Robotics Competition for our new recruits. The test robots are set to compete on the 13th of December 2023 and it serves only as a practice run for the real competition. The epic robots will then be scheduled to be showcased on the day. Students are working furiously to be able to produce the robots within the deadline and the seniors oversee this work while managing other projects.

Our software team is busy writing code for our competition robot and also working hard on the electrical components of their team’s separate robots.


When the timer above reaches ZERO, the teams’ robots will be officially due and both teams will stop all work on the robot. The off-season competition will then commence! More news about the victor of our competition will be out soon.

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