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Offseason Swerve Drive Reveal!

Normanhurst Nitro Robotics is proud to announce our new offseason swerve drive project for our upcoming robot. The creation of the swerve drivebase has been a result of the hard work of all three subteams (design, software & media), financial contributions from parents and sponsors, and our head coordinator Mr. Shirlaw.

Programming and creating the swerve drive was a great challenge to our team, putting us through hours of programming and understanding the physics of its inner workings. The drivebase features 4 wheels, with each wheel being equipped with 2 motors and 2 encoders to allow for the wheels to independently spin on the horizontal axis. This will allow our robots to have omni-directional movement while maintaining high speed to make a robot with amazing offensive and defensive potential. We have taken a lot of time during the off-season exhibition to perfect our implementation of this system. 

We hope to use this system in the upcoming 2024 competition, CRESCENDO, and for the many more years to come. The completion of this complex component is a monumental moment and a big milestone to commemorate the determination and commitment every member has made to Normanhurst Nitro Robotics. Keep an eye out for our YouTube Channel and our website for more updates. 

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