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On Wednesday the 13th of December, the Normanhurst Nitro Robotics Team held an exhibition where two student-led teams, Tech Support and Tankers, created robots to compete in a game against each other. The purpose of this exercise was to mimic the experience of an actual FIRST® Robotics Competition build season for our new recruits while giving the school a glimpse into what happens in the robotics team.

This exhibition was also a way for our team to test our recently-acquired swerve-drive base, and has provided us valuable insight into how it will work in the future. Finally, we are excited to announce the results of the game, where despite a valiant effort from Team Tech Support, Team Tankers prevailed. The objective of the game was to put 5 balls into a designated scoring area, a fairly simple objective. However due to issues with Team Tech Support’s arm, Team Tankers was able to complete the objective faster, giving them the win. Despite the issues that Team Tech Support faced, the exhibition achieved its overall goal of introducing new recruits to the experiences of a competition, while also providing a window for the students into how our school robotics team works.

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